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 Legal rant - blah!!!

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Admin/Cerberus Leader
Admin/Cerberus Leader

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PostSubject: Legal rant - blah!!!   Thu May 31, 2012 3:20 pm

I was reading about Legal doctrines, and of course how they are formed and later made.

Wiki definition:
"A legal doctrine is a framework, set of rules, procedural steps, or test, often established through precedent in the common law, through which judgments can be determined in a given legal case. A doctrine comes about when a judge makes a ruling where a process is outlined and applied, and allows for it to be equally applied to like cases. When enough judges make use of the process soon enough it becomes established as the de facto method of deciding like situations."

So I'll switch gears now, and start to talk about video game companies (Stay tuned it's about to get interesting).

Gaming companies who develop online video games in my opinion should be held accountable for taking their video games offline when they decide to shutdown. But this is not to be confused with shutting-down their servers for upgrading or general maintenance of course (that's common). Video game companies should feel some sort of responsibility when they release games online for public use, they are profiting in it in some way or form and should be held accountable for their actions.

These video game companies should release their original source code of the game client, but only after they have decided to drop their online access. This would allow the fan base community to host their own private severs, and to continue their online game play.

If a legal doctrine were to be created to cater to this particular case then their would be some pros & cons which are listed below:


- Games no longer collect dust
- Online communities slowly stop in declining
- Fans complaining about the absence of their favorite online games decreases
- Private severs become legal & are recognized by the gaming community and accepted
- Servers will most likely change their gameplay information to permit you to reach higher levels than you would usually be in a position to reach if you were playing on an official server.
- You would realistically be able to increase your levels to a new high
- These servers will probably have their own game items to offer to their players. (These game items could well be completely dissimilar from what is offered on an official server)
- Cash-shop feature in game or on general website


- The original story mite get rewritten (lawsuit nightmare)
- New online game releases mite suffer
- private server will often limit the number of connections if it starts to become too populated
- private server can be difficult to join if the owners of the server don't make the game server well implemented
- The amount of people that may connect to the server at one time is usually a load less than what's offered on an official server
- The server operations are often run by players who become bored with the official game servers. (Because of this they have an inclination to disappear when they no longer would like to pay for the cost of hosting)
- The private server is available only when the owner decides to turn it on, instead of being available whenever you would like to play on a server.
- With aprivate game server you may often see more lag Problems

(their are other pros & cons I just wanted to give you a few examples)

This new legal doctrine (X) would allow set games that were once thriving online to have a second chance, and to be run by their fan base communities. From a video game companies stand point their in it for not only the creation of an amazing game but for making profit plan and simple. Where not making video game companies out to sound bad, its just not within the consumers best interests. Video game companies have a general interest in profit over game creation most of the time, and neglect their own gaming communities that they themselves create. Now that's not to say they aren't in it for making the best game ever, but shutting down for example their online games is like telling their consumers we give up or quit. Weather its because of money problems or legal issues that dig deep it still leaves the consumer left with nothing.

If this legal doctrine idea sounds like it will fail, an alternative solution would be if set video game companies would come to a financial agreement. By that I mean in order to release the source code for the video games the video game companies would decided on a reasonable way to sell the source code. What I mean is that a vender could buy the source code and open shop anywhere online and host private servers for it. (hope you follow that)

Let me know what you think, and if you felt this was to unethical or not...

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Admin/Cerberus Leader
Admin/Cerberus Leader

Posts : 721
Join date : 2012-05-25
Age : 32
Location : Pittsburgh, PA

PostSubject: Re: Legal rant - blah!!!   Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:50 am

Or we could try creating a game preservation solutions ACT

Sounds more convincing if I'm not mistaken...

Small paragraph from an inspiring article:
"It would be in the best interest of the industry and its service to the customers and fans if we worked together to at least have a framework on how to archive video game titles, both its raw assets and code, and final product. This is good for longevity of the titles, rebranding of intellectual property, and possible continuation of ROI through third party exploitation. Who knows what title from the past may show up on some piece of fancy new technology in the future?"

This article influenced me:
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Admin/Cerberus Leader
Admin/Cerberus Leader

Posts : 721
Join date : 2012-05-25
Age : 32
Location : Pittsburgh, PA

PostSubject: Re: Legal rant - blah!!!   Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:25 pm

I did however find something called the Free software movement online just the other day so obviously I checked wiki out.

Wiki Link:
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PostSubject: Re: Legal rant - blah!!!   

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Legal rant - blah!!!
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