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 Forum Rules! Please read before posting!

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Admin/Cerberus Leader
Admin/Cerberus Leader

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Location : Pittsburgh, PA

Forum Rules! Please read before posting!   Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules! Please read before posting!    Forum Rules! Please read before posting!   EmptyFri May 25, 2012 7:08 pm

**Geberal Note**

PSOR permanently runs the ValeforServ for the GC/GC+/BB versions of PSO, and are not associated with any other forum or private servers presently active.

PSORs community has tried their hardest to follow other forum/server rules, but find that some rules should not apply. Our own gaming style differs from other forums/servers in that we refuse to accept limitation on Team Faction creation and link restrictions.
(among other things of course)

Note: we do not judge users who have been banned already on other private servers

If you were banned from PSO-World, Sega, Microsoft or any third party website/server then welcome...

Forum Rules - Please read them and be aware that these are the guidelines which we will enforce in the forums. (Sign up for the forums first):

- Respect others. This is key; everything else comes from this. If someone has a problem with how you are acting, please stop.
- Due to the public nature of the boards, we ask that you keep all conversations on a PG-13 level or below. Exceptions will be allowed on a case-by-case basis. If you have doubts, ASK. One hint: if it should be hidden behind an adult verification system (AVS), then it is not allowed here.

- Off-topicness
- Occasionally topics will drift off. That's not so bad. What IS bad is when someone really hijacks a thread to lead it in a completely different direction. Don't do it.
- “Everything Else” is not a license to go off-topic. If you want to say something new, start a new topic. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.
- Discussions on potentially offensive topics (politics, religion, etc.) are not permitted.

- Personal Conversations/Information
- If a topic seems like it's becoming a back and forth between two people... take it off of the public forums
- If your topic is personal “angsting” please take it to a blogging site.
- Do not answer public requests for personal information if it is not your own information. We respect your privacy and do not share your information, please extend the same courtesy to your fellow forum members.
- Private Messages (PMs) are not private and can be examined by the webmaster when deemed necessary

- Signatures
- Pictures are limited to one (1) with a maximum size of 150H x 500W.
- Please limit text to 347 characters.

- Linking
- All external links are subject to the approval of the admins.
- Do not link to any site that is offering illegal downloads of any anime, manga, video game, anime music, or similar that has been licensed by a U.S. company. If you have any doubt of legality, then do not link to it. This includes but is not limited to torrents, direct downloads, and online video feeds.
- Links to known spam sites or potentially harmful sites will be deleted. Spam sites include: Online Petitions, Search Engines, Adult Sites, Pharmaceutical Sites, and other similar sites. If you have any question about a validity of a link, please ask an admin before posting
- Do not link directly to pictures that are not your property. Link to the site that it is on or host it on your own space.
- There is to be absolutely NO advertising of, or selling/trading items on this Message Board.

- PSOR reserves the right to remove or alter any content on these message boards for any reason.

Penalties may include:

* In-thread warnings - for general off-topicness or basic rowdiness. If it continues, then other penalties may apply
* Private warning over PM or email.
* Temporary Forum Ban – a cooling off period for both forum members and admins.
* Permanent Forum Ban – for extreme cases only. Will automatically be imposed if a temporary post ban is circumvented.

Although the above penalties will be applied, we will use our discretion at all times. In other words, don't be surprised when a horrible first offense results in an immediate ban instead of a warning.

If you have any questions, PLEASE ASK!

-Administrative Staff



-Your friendly neighborhood Administrators and Moderators

Copyright 2012 by Spade88/PSOR/Phantasy Star Online resurrection/Resurrection/ValeforServ/Valefor Server

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Admin/Cerberus Leader
Admin/Cerberus Leader

Posts : 721
Join date : 2012-05-25
Age : 33
Location : Pittsburgh, PA

Forum Rules! Please read before posting!   Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules! Please read before posting!    Forum Rules! Please read before posting!   EmptyTue Jul 03, 2012 3:38 am

**Forum Rules Update**


- Users are not allowed to have duplicate accounts within this online community, and are subject to a disciplinary action on the spot.

- Failure to stop duplicating user accounts within this online community equals permanent banning from our private server & forum.

- Forum stalking is not tolerated in this online community, each user gets 3 strikes before any disciplinary actions take effect



Posts that are made with the aim of angering people. (like 'ALL JEWS ARE [insert vile comment here]' for example). While Trolls often make these posts strictly in an attempt to provoke negative comment, it is still trolling even if you actually hold those beliefs. Intent is difficult to prove over the internet, so mods will work under their best assumptions.

Note that posts of opinions you disagree with does not automatically equate with trolling. Disagreements are expected, as long as they are done in a civil manner. PSOR has made it clear that they welcome all opinions in civil debate, even those that are highly unpopular or minority-held. Make your case without the invective, if you want to avoid banishment as a Troll.

Trolling is also used to refer to making obviously silly topics that people nonetheless will reply to, despite all common sense. Don't feed the trolls.


Posts that are made to attract trolls. First known instance is someone creating a topic for a controversial issue that has been put to rest.


"A culture without property, or in which creators can't get paid, is anarchy, not freedom."
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Forum Rules! Please read before posting!
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