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 Complaints and Grievances

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Admin/Cerberus Leader

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Complaints and Grievances Empty
PostSubject: Complaints and Grievances   Complaints and Grievances EmptySun Jun 24, 2012 6:04 pm


** Complaints & Grievances**

- If you believe your complaint and grievance is more private please PM Spade88

Please remember to keep all conversations and posts on this thread only, and to not advertise or re-post this info on other websites or forums.



Create a new thread in the support forum and in the title of the topic section relabel it with your complaint and user name with a short summary of your Grievance.
(Ex: the complaint-your user name) - Grievance-Spade88 or Complaint-Spade88

This thread is reserved for public discussions that will revolve around issues that have gone unanswered or have yet to start.

General Complaints or Grievances examples:

- Private servers who wish to have their information taken down
- Articles/blogs/pictures/videos/links that have been requested to be sited or taken down by the original author - (In some cases a ces and desist order is required)
- Private information of a user

(more will be added at an admins discretion)

Things to be mindful of in this thread:

- Users who run other private servers (may elect to ban you on their servers)
- Content that may be taken a different way if not properly discussed (be careful not to insult users)
- Trolling or spamming (Some Complaints or Grievances may start arguments, so it is better not to push them on others)
- Copyright laws

(more will be added at a later time, and all info is subject to change at the admins discretion)

Copyright 2012 by Spade88/PSOR/Phantasy Star Online resurrection/Resurrection/ValeforServ/Valefor Server

"A culture without property, or in which creators can't get paid, is anarchy, not freedom."
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Complaints and Grievances
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