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Metrowerks, Austin, Texas, has announced that SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.'s Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Online Version 2 were developed using Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Dreamcast. In addition, CodeWarrior for Dreamcast has been adopted as part of the Dreamcast Software Developers Kit (SDK).

Phantasy Star Online is the newest title to be added to SEGA's major role playing game series, Phantasy Star. Using Dreamcast's network function, players all over the world are able to play the game together via the Internet. The game made a splash as a new network role playing game that lets people anywhere enjoy network gaming and communication on the Internet.

Sonic Team, Ltd.'s Akio Fushimasa, the lead programmer for Phantasy Star Online, commented on video game software development using CodeWarrior for Dreamcast: "CodeWarrior's sales points, speedy compiling and concise file management have greatly contributed to reducing the testing time and addressing new challenges in Phantasy Star Online. The CodeWarrior integrated development environment has become essential for improving development efficiency."

CodeWarrior for Dreamcast is a GUI-based software development environment hosted on Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.0. Languages supported are C, C++, and assembler. CodeWarrior allows developers to create, compile and debug their code from a single, integrated development environment, making it possible to reduce the time needed to bring a product to market.

Shoji Ueda, president of Metrowerks Japan, stated, "CodeWarrior made possible the development of Phantasy Star Online, the latest video game ideal for the new century. In order to provide the best development environment and support, Metrowerks listens to the opinions of the developers, and we do our best to address their needs in our products and support. We aim to have more and more developers adopt CodeWarrior for Dreamcast so that many titles will be developed using it."

On March 29, Phantasy Star Online received the Programming, New Wave and Grand Award from The Computer Entertainment Software Association's Fifth Annual Japan Entertainment Software Awards. Phantasy Star Online Version 2, also being developed using CodeWarrior for Dreamcast, is scheduled to be released in May.

About Metrowerks

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Metrowerks develops, markets and supports CodeWarrior hardware and software development solutions for a number of operating systems and the most popular microprocessors. CodeWarrior tools allow programmers to build applications from one unique integrated development environment (IDE).

For more information, visit http://www.metrowerks.com or call (512)997-4717.

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