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 Clan/Guild Structure & Breakdown

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Clan/Guild Structure & Breakdown  Empty
PostSubject: Clan/Guild Structure & Breakdown    Clan/Guild Structure & Breakdown  EmptySun Jun 03, 2012 11:13 am

I felt like creating this topic to dig deeper into everyone on PSO-World to see what kind of Clan/Guild structures exist.

What attracts you to these Clans or Guilds in general, and what kind of names stick out that just grab your attention the most. Do you like finding Clans or Guilds who have their names that make reference to anime/movies/video games/manga/novels?

Are you a casual gamer who joins at random, out of curiosity, with the crowd, or maybe have been recruited?(of course their are other reasons)

Do you prefer Clans or Guilds who are on the dark side, or maybe you enjoy allying yourself with the light (we all have our reasons). Maybe you prefer an active group who is online a lot vs other groups who are not. The reasons are endlessly vast, but that's why I am taking the time to ask you here and now.

What features do you enjoy about a clan/guild:

- Website or forum
- Their own ventrilo, Mumble, Skype, Tinychat channel
- Multiple Game involvement - (clan/guild in most games)
- Having a private Server
- YouTube Walkthrough Clips (A Tips & Trick section or Q&A)
- Recruiting advertisements (either YouTube or custom drawn art work)
- Facebook or Twitter page
- Merchandise
- Population of members (the size of the clan/guild)
- Hours of operation (Schedule, Time, Location of events)
- Noob support for incoming new members
- PK (player killer) Protection
- Clan/Guild bank or storage (a vault with weapons/money/etc)

(Their is more, but I wanted to give a few examples)

Example of a Recruitment Video:

I enjoy making Clans or Guilds myself vs joining an over crowded group who's hardly ever active or worse have no time for new members. okay now that was only a few reasons why I wouldn't join, and to be honest sometimes I just don't like half the players. We all have our own way of playing, and sometimes you just don't want others holding you back because their either to new, weak player, annoyingly asking questions, or your just intimidated for whatever reasons.

Why do some users feel the need to join so many Clans or Guilds instead of stick with just one? A common answer I receive from some users would be that most Clans or Guilds do not cover your current game, never on long enough or at all, they no longer exist, members have split up, character banning, and so much more. It does become a hassle to start over with a new group and prove your worthiness when really you just want to play or be social.

Games and anime that influenced me:

- .Hack//sign (and all other anime seasons)
- Ragnarok (anime not the game)
- Accel World (Anime)
- Mass Effect (all three games)
- Angel Beats! (Anime)
- Gundam (and all other anime seasons)
- FFXI (PS2/PC/xbox 360)
- PSO (Obviously)
- D & D
- Air Gear (Anime)
- Naruto (anime)
- One Piece (Anime)
- Bleach (Anime)
- Fairy Tail (Anime)

(Their are so much more, and I just wanted to keep it short)

If you could find that one Clan or Guild that did it all for you how likely would you stay with them? Would you even invent your friends offline to join or keep it your personal life separate? If you found an ultimate Clan or Group that is trying to define themselves as different and new aged what tips would you give them?

I know I try to stay away from saying things I shouldn't, but what if a Clan or Guild requires you to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) would you sign or just laugh at it. (Some teams at the MLGs are required to sign)
This agreement could entail you not joining other groups, not spamming other forums with adds, and of course restrictions on your gaming access would be implemented. (I don't see the harm in having some order in an online community, but it shouldn't feel like a monarchy)

Best websites to launch your Clan or Guild (the short list):

- http://www.guildlaunch.com
- http://www.gamerdna.com
- http://www.enjin.com/
- http://www.guildhosting.org/

Post down below, and tell me your thoughts (or through your shoe at me Razz)

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Clan/Guild Structure & Breakdown
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